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Who DAT?

Hi I'm Melissa, but people rarely call me that. 

Whatever the name,

I am: 

- an effective communicator

- attempted motivator

- passionate writer

& most importantly a

- champagne enthusiast 

I want to make 20-somethings feel less alone and more connected to one another because when it comes down to it we all want the same thing; to have a purpose. 

You can find yours through gaining the necessary skills, talents and education for your craft. However, it all starts with complete and utter confidence in who you are; every unique trait, "flaw" and quirky thing that makes 

Explore my page. 

I hope it will provide you with bubbly thoughts of your own so you can go out there and show the world what you have to offer. 

Cheers and as always, 

Stay bubbly.

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