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Don't Take Things Personally

Hey beautiful humans!

I hope you are having a wonderful week. I am sure you can relate that I feel busy AF these days. I feel like I can barely find cracks in my day anymore. And, as you can imagine, that's enough to put anyone on edge and not take as much time as they should to not overreact to the small stuff.


It's odd...there are times where I am so easy-going and I don't get offended by anything. And then there are times where I let stress get the better of me and I take things more personally than I should.

You may be the same way! Or maybe you're just always easy, breezy, beautiful Covergirl. But even if this is you, I still think you'll benefit from this article.

With this blog post, I want you to dive into what I am saying and understand that it's okay to not take things as a personal attack because I have to be honest with ya babe...most people are not concerned with you. It sounds harsh, but it's another way of saying, "the world isn't out to get you." And even if people are offensive and just plain hateful, that is a reflection of them and not a reflection of you. Because you are an angel, sunfish goddess and no one can take that away from you.

Pop the bubbly babes! Here are things you don't need to waste your time getting offended about.


1) Someone Leaving the Group Text's the thing, I am sure a lot of you can agree with me that I have a love/hate relationship with group text. I bet you also can relate that while group text can be so awesome and funny and makes your day better, it can also be very overwhelming. Sometimes I will go 2 hours without looking at my phone and I will have 84759037 text messages (jk, but you get it right?) And sometimes, maybe you want to get out of the world of 50 different group texts, but so many people are afraid to remove themselves because that dreaded notification pops up that says "so-in-so" has removed themselves from the group...) And everyone just kinda feels weird about it. Let's just....not make it weird! Let's just start to accept it and understand, they probably had way too many notifications one day and needed a break. This is perfectly okay and not a reflection of the people in the group. So let's be all kumbaya and shit and not let it bother us. Everyone deserves a break from the group text from time-to-time.

2) When clothing doesn't fit you the way you want it to.

The older I get, the more I understand that certain looks appear better on me than others. We all are different. Some of us are going to pull of certain fashion trends and clothing better than others. It's important that instead of focusing on the brands or looks that we look terrible in, to focus on buying items that make us feel confident. It's so easy for our egos to be knocked down a few pegs when we see an outfit on a mannequin that doesn't look as flattering on us. But, the fact of the matter is there are absolutely plenty of options out there that you can pull off that that mannequin never could. And that's besides the point. The point is, rock what you've got! Whatever you look best in, buy more of that. In addition, don't be afraid of going up a size if your pants don't fit anymore. No one is looking at the tag in your pants that says the size so stop focusing on the size and start noticing how good you look in them and how they make you feel; confident instead of wearing something that digs into your skin just to say you "wear the smaller size."

3) When Someone is More Successful Than You

Don't let the green monster of jealousy turn you into a jackass. Be a smart ass and be thankful there are people smarter and more successful than you so you still have room to grow and people to learn from. Success is subjective and we all have things going for us that are desired by others too whether we realize it or not. So, put down the defenses and start connecting. Connecting with people who are better than you will actually make you better. Whoever is making you feel bummed out because they appear to live a more fabulous lifestyle than you, reach out to them and connect with them, develop a friendship with them and learn from them. And don't forget to offer to them everything that you have going for you to help them grow too.


Don't be that person that everyone feels like they are walking on eggshells whenever they are around you. Be the person that makes them want to be a better person because you are confident in being exactly who you are, while also eager to learn what others have to offer. Open yourself up to the possibility of growth and close the door on your inner jealous betch.

Stay confident, stay hungry, and most importantly...

stay bubbly,


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