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Holiday Gift Guide

Hi guys!

What a great, yet expensive, time of I right? Tis the season of giving....and getting into credit card debt.


Not to mention all the pressure of finding "the right" gifts for people. However, I love gift giving and I would even pride myself in saying I am pretty good at it. And that's because I do a lot of planning and put a lot of thought into who I am giving gifts to.

And I want to share with you some of the places I usually get my gifts from. This list will provide great options for everyone on your list.


1) uncommongoods: This is such a great spot for really unique gifts that you won't see anywhere else. Their whole concept: "We offer remarkable designs by independent makers, and our goal is to do it with a positive impact on both people and our planet." Imagine a really cool online craft fair. I've gotten gifts there for a lot of people including my boyfriend, boyfriend's brother, boyfriend's sister, boyfriends mom, my mom, my dad and my brother! It's truly a great spot for all.

2) Personalization Mall: Personalization is in the name and great gifts are their game. Here they offer a ton of neat gifts that have that extra personal touch unique to exactly what you are looking for. In the past I have bought anything from personalized cutting boards for my mom to a personalized grill set for my brother. They have a ton of options and are a great way to make anyone you are giving gifts to feel extra special. Perfect for moms, mother-in-laws, or anyone who loves something special.

3) Etsy: Everyone knows about this amazing place. It's a great spot to find literally anything you need. It's like an online market of full potential and unlimited opportunities. I think I have gotten gifts here for everyone in my life that I have ever bought a gift for. But a couple of my favorite items have been little stocking stuffers for skin care, handmade soaps/candles or jewelry. I guarantee anything you could think of, you could find someone who will make it for you on Etsy. FYI, be prepared for the chance that items may take a while to get to you depending on where the vendor is shipping from.

4) Just Strong: Just Strong is a fitness clothing company with an amazing message all about empowerment and healthy living. It's specifically geared towards women so this might be more for the sister, good friend, sister-in-law or cousin and great news I have a discount code for you to enjoy 10% off your order! MELBROMS10. Feel free to reach out to me about questions for sizing :).

5) Amazon: This is a given...but I have used it for some of the most amazing gifts!


These are my personal fav places that you don't even have to go anywhere to purchase some amazing items! You can do it from the comfort of your home (*cough cough work desk cough cough*).

Happy holidays and happy shopping my friends!

Stay Bubbly,


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