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July 1 Real Estate Update

Happy week of July 4! This article is going to make you see fireworks! 

In a good way...

Gold fireworks below!

If you are reading this, it's likely that you live in the Central Florida area. If not, that's okay! I want to share some info. about why it's a great idea to invest in real estate in "The City Beautiful."

According to, "With a combined population of 3.3 million residents, Orlando’s real estate market is fueled by job seekers, baby boomer retirees and students who want to live in a 'cheap and cheerful' area that offers a high quality of living at a reasonable cost. For investors looking to invest in real estate, these are good signs.

This area has produced some impressive results for real estate investors already and this trend is likely to continue into 2019/2020. To date, property prices are up, appreciation rates are increasing steadily and the cost of living remains below the national average."  

Here's how we rank:  "Ranked #2 In America's Fastest Growing Cities" - Forbes "#2 Best City for Future Job Growth" - Forbes "One of 10 Great Cities for the 50+ Home Seeker" - AARP "#1 Best City for First Time Home Buyers" - Business Insider "#1 Best Family Vacation in the US" - US News

Not sold yet? Don't worry, there's more! 

Visuals are great, am I right? Here's one more before we wrap up! 

A big shout out to for some extremely helpful info.

Allow me to help you find your dream home in "The City Beautiful."

Cheers to you, friend, and your future home endeavors.  Melissa Bromley, REALTOR®

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