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Melissa Bromley, REALTOR®

Happy Friday my babes,

So, I am a REALTOR® and want to help you in your home buying and selling experience.

Hold up! You already have someone you're working with? Well! I can guarantee that by working with me, your home buying or selling process will be more than a transaction, but a pleasant experience. (How many people can say that?)

So do you want your golden opportunity to find your perfect home? This isn't a trick questions guys lol...

With that being said I am going to start sending out a newsletter specific to information related to Real Estate.

If you are interested in learning more (which you should be...I mean come on it's free), please send me your info at:

Instagram: MelBroms

Cell: 813-310-4769 Email:

Love you guys and get excited for some extremely helpful info from my latest newsletter!

Stay bubbly,


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