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Perfect Wine and Snack Pairings- Total Wine and More Recomendations.

Guys, HI!

I AM SO SO SO SO SO HAPPY because I had the worst stinking writers block this week. But never fear! I have been inspired by the one the only, wine. Thank God or Buddha or whomever for freaking Total Wine because they are going to help me inspire you to snack, drink and be damn merry y'all!


So I was going to do some research here, but it's like the vino gods decided to throw me a damn bone and Total Wine emailed me -and every other person who is on their email subscription list (the perks of being obsessed with wine to the point where it's my fav email to receive on a regular basis) about a topic I think we all can apppreciate.

So without further adieu, here are some amaze recommendations from Total Wine & More (oh so so so much more...including my happiness) for some baller snacks that pair well with wine! Salute fam!


Cabernet & Cheese Puffs

*We suggest: Courtney Benham Cabernet Napa

These cabs can tackle all that cheese, but the cheese puffs have so much flavor that the cab won’t completely dominate your taste buds. It’s an even match-up!

Chardonnay & Buttered Popcorn

*We suggest: Buttercream Chardonnay

The buttery popcorn will bring out those creamy chardonnay flavors while the acidity in the chardonnay cuts the richness a little bit. Your team is going to need more popcorn.

Riesling & Spicy Snack Mix

*We suggest: Dr. Heidemann’s Riesling QbA

Sweet and spicy are always a good combo. Cool down with a nice sweet Riesling before you dive back into the spicy snack mix.

Pinot Noir & BBQ Chips

*We suggest: Ropiteau Pinot Noir

BBQ chips are all about hickory smoke flavor which goes great with the earthy flavors in pinot noir. Even better, the fruity side of the pinot and that slight sweet taste in BBQ chips will make the crowd go wild.


Sauvignon Blanc & Gummy Bears

Gummy bears are nice and sweet. Sauvignon blanc is crisp and just a little bit fruity. Together, they’re delish. Touchdown!

Rosé & Sour Cream and Onion Chips

Rosé is twice as good with garlic-y, herb-y foods. Sour cream and onion chips are full of those flavors. Bonus: since rosé is nice and acidic, it’ll cut through all the oil in the chips!

Zinfandel & Beef Jerky

Zinfandel has a touch of black pepper in it. That little bit of black pepper flavor adds to the nice smoky, jerky flavors without completely sacking them.


Champagne (or sparkling wine) & Plain Potato Chips

"Champagne is one of the most versatile wines out there. The perfect balance of acidity, minerality, and essense of citrus fruits play well with an incredible variety of foods. Because of the bubbles, Champagne has a palate-cleansing action that helps enormously when you’re having flavors that tend to build up on a palate, such as fat and salt. And when you say “Fat and salt” what’s the first and greatest thing that comes to mind? Potato chips!" -



BABES! Enjoy your snackies and wine and live your best life!

Stay bubbly,


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