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Tips for a Fantastic New Year

Welp we made it to 2019!

POP! And I know New Years resolutions for a lot of people are kind of bullhonkey. But hear me out. I think if you can get past the cheesiness of it all, I think they really can make or break your year.

My New Years resolution last year was to create a podcast and I freaking did it! So your resolution doesn't have to be something lame and all about losing weight or whatever. It can be life-changing for you.

The hardest part is figuring out what would make a good New Years resolution and how to achieve it. So I am going to use some of the questions that fitness inspiration Ashy Bines posted last year to help you create some great goals for yourself this year.


In 2019:

CLINK!'s your year! Do whatvever the hell you want! Take that trip, text that person, try that new restaurant, run that extra mile, eat that dessert (and don't hate yourself for it).

Be so dang adventurous that everyone will be jealous, but don't care even if they're not.

Focus on you and your own wants, goals, dreams and desires! I can't wait to see how you are going to destroy this year and make it everything you have ever wanted.

You are doing great, keep it up and never let the fear of failing stop you from anything.

Make mistakes because at least you'll be making something.

And as always (new Year, better me, same catch phrase)...

Stay bubbly,


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