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Conquer Your Bad Habits


Hi! So so so so so glad you are here! Because this week I want to talk to you about the habits you may not be noticing.

We all have our vices and things we become so accustomed to that no matter the advice we receive or research that we do, these bastard-level addictions remain.

Yes...believe it or not bad habits are a really nice way to describe something we are addicted to...(dropping knowledge on ya). That's a pretty intense word, right? Maybe, if we can think of our bad habits as addictions, it may be a little bit more enticing to stop them.

So you're probably thinking, "thanks a heap for reminding me what I am doing wrong." Ah, dear reader, do not fret. I am here to share with you some tips to show your bad habits who is boss (that's...that's case you weren't aware).


  1. Tell Yourself Why You Deserve to be Happy: Do you go back and forth feeling like you are not enough? We all do at some point. We all tell ourselves that we are not worthy of happiness for one reason or another. But, who is making you feel this way? If someone in your life is actually telling you this, rid those toxic people from your life. The reality is, you are completely in charge of your own feelings. Meaning, it may ACTUALLY be you who is making you feel this way. If this is the case, switch your mindset from why you don't deserve happiness, to what you have done well. It may be hard at first, but part of self-care is recognizing what your strengths are and owning the hell out of them. Own who you are and be proud.

  2. Don't let your negative behaviors be a platform to stand on: This is extremely important to remember. We all have shit that we have gone through. Being a victim should not be your platform. Being a survivor should be. Shifting this mindset from victim to survivor is essential when you share your story with others and, most importantly, with how you feel about yourself. It's extremely powerful to use the struggles we have gone through to connect with others and make them feel less alone. But, we are only limiting our future for growth if we allow our times of adversity to define us. Don't let your struggles overpower your strengths.

  3. Smash them: Don't be afraid to bring your bad habits to the light. Own them, search to understand them, then smash them. Ask yourself the hard questions: "When did this start, where did this come from, why do I feel vulnerable to this?" Once you have owned why your negative behaviors exist, you have the power to destroy them. Then, fill the void with a new routine. Fill your life with what makes you feel positive, confident and purposeful. This could be a new hobby such as exercise, a new organization to involve yourself with, a career change, a passion project; whatever feels good to you, do that to replace where your bad habits once lived.


We have to appreciate ourselves and we have to appreciate one another. We are all on this crazy ride together and we can't depend on anyone else to make our bad habits disappear. But it sure makes it a hell of a lot easier if we can learn to understand that we aren't as different as we think we are. Learn from one another, support one another and stop being judgmental.

This negativity that you feel about yourself is all simply an illusion. It's not real. But and your passions...those are real.

Stay honest, stay strong, stay real.

Stay bubbly,


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