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Shift Your Mindset

Hey darlin,


I hope you've been having a magical week. I've been feeling less than bubbly lately and I don't really want to get into that. But I know how important it is during times like this to remember that shifting your mindset can only help, not hurt.

It sucks being around negative people, so for the sake of others, just try and be happy. Fake it til you make it. It works.


Here are a few ways to think of things differently to make your life better.

1) Jealousy ---> empowerment: Jealousy is a hideous trait. If you want to look better, be more confident and less hateful on someone else's success. Jealousy is allowing someone else overpower your ability to see yourself in the most positive life possible. People are always going to be better than you, let that guide you to becoming more successful. Instead of wishing your life was different, take action and make your life different.

2) What you are doing wrong ---> what you have done that's right: There is nothing conceited about being proud of yourself and your abilities. The most successful people are hyper aware of their strengths and they run with them to achieve their goals. The people who find it frustrating for you to focus on all of your amazing attributes are toxic and insecure. Easier said than done during difficult situations. But start reminding yourself how awesome you are during times of doubt.

3) Eating to make yourself feel better ---> Eating to nourish yourself: It's important to remember that you actually do feel better when you nourish your body. This doesn't mean only eating dry chicken, broccoli and big gulps of air. This means that you should simply think about what you are eating. We all get cravings, I encourage you to eat something if your body wants it, just not all of it. In the wise words of Bethenny Frankel, "you can have it all, just not all at once." Don't go crazy but don't punish yourself for eating an Oreo.

4) Dwelling on the past ---> looking forward to future goals: Nostalgia is a bitch (harsh but true) because it tricks our brains into thinking that the things we can never go back to were better than they actually were solely because we know we can never get those moments back. We can't trick ourselves into thinking our past is better than our present and that we shouldn't look forward to our future. And the best way to look forward to your future is by planning things to look forward to. The ultimate thing you can do is to set a goal. You can plan for it, work for it and once you achieve it, it's the most rewarding feeling in the world.


It's easy to let difficult times get the better of us. But perspective is key in living happily. Give it a shot, what do you have to lose?

Stay bubbly,


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